Seminar Compliments

Dear Rick,
Congratulations on your SHACKLETON SEMINAR today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was impressed by the work that had obviously gone into the production. Some constructive criticism – the manuscripts needed to be on show for a longer time, I had trouble reading them in the time allowed. They were so profound that they deserved attention.  Incidentally, I believe this type of bonding, famous people’s achievements and management styles, are a fascinating concept. Judging by the participation of others in your project I assume they also recognise the uniqueness of your idea. Maybe you should consider doing more.


Subject: It was Inspirational!!   Hi Rick, many thanks for thinking of us, it was great , I got a real buzz out of it …The timing, theme and tone of it was perfect… it helped with my own motivation and provided guidance and ideas for the future in these troubled times…Once again many thanks.

Ps I bought the book too………

Best regards ,


Dear Rick
“Thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable presentation yesterday and thank you for agreeing to present it to the Dubai Human Resources Forum on the 15th of this month (Monday). We did have a leadership seminar earlier this year but the message coming through a powerful story has greater impact and in any case Leadership is a very important topic.”


“I just wanted to congratulate you on a very well run and ‘slick’ (in a positive sense) forum yesterday. Your level of research and detail in providing such a professional forum was evident. A number of people I spoke to were very complimentary and I am sure have told you so also.”


Dear Rick ,

It was definitely an interesting topic , & in today’s environment Leadership is what is missing & this is what make all this difference between success & failure …One of the lines that you mentioned yesterday is still on my mind   ” …it is not the position that makes a leader but the leader that makes the position …” I hope I have it right .