20 Reasons to Consider Coles Training

1. Course are fully researched

2. Innovative and creative approaches

3. Created to be interactive

4. 35 years organizational experiences and practical experiences for the subjects he trains

5. 20 years training and development experience around the world

6. Worked for top quality companies in his career

7. Unique use of multi-media

8. Believes that training should be fun as it is Fundamental to learning

9. Will provide pre/post courses visits if practical

10. Believes in the application of the learning direct to workplace

11. An ” internationalist” and culturally attuned to many cultures

12. Works global and therefore brings global perspectives to training venue

13. Brings his work experience back to classroom

14. Use of ‘thematic’ training where appropriate

15. Brings current and topical examples to training

16. Designs training to raise your “KASH” level – Knowledge / Attitude / Skills / Habits

17. Takes “CARE” with your training budget by ensuring Comprehension and Application leads to Results Excellence for your organization

18. Quotes the old eastern proverb, “I hear and forget, I see and remember, but I do and understand.”

19. Available for questions each day following the training day

20. Has an impressive list of companies he has/or is training for – available on application