Richard Coles can be engaged for special consulting assignments to assist your company in improving your

  • leadership and talent management
  • training and development systems
  • customer service performance

Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Services and Benefits to your Company

Various consulting and analysis tools I use in consulting are:

  • Competitive advantage, situational analysis, 4 “P’s” tool (product, promotion, price, place,  plus ” P’s” of people and processes), “Porters Five Forces”
  • Problem definition, the three generic strategies (differentiation, cost leadership, focus)
  • Building total customer satisfaction approaches, long term customer value and retention, defining customer value
  • SWOT Analysis, goal formulation, business mission, identifying and analyzing competitors, new strategies to compete, unique sales growth, etc.

Benefits I can offer as a consultant and trainer / developer are:

  • The training / developing aspect of my career is now 20 years.
  • My career has foundation in sales and marketing, plus I have been strongly involved in customer service issues for many years and have empathy with those that sell in the front line.
  • I am keen to explore various directions in which I can be of best service to my clients. My aim is to use all my energies on producing successful outcomes.
  • My overall cost to a company is very competitive from one convenient base in Oman (~six hours from Asia / Europe and Africa). I can travel to local companies with ease and many regional areas quickly for meetings and training. Also based in Brisbane.
  • I have lived in Gulf for almost 15 years and am culturally attuned to the region and can relate to the marketplace here with its intricacies.
  • Can commit to unusual hours, travel or requirements
  • I am able to involve myself in future ongoing consultations or training easily and with flexibility. I also offer personal pre and post course visitations.
  • Have a special understanding of the tourism / airline / hotel / businesses.
  • Gained great interest in other industries as my work in the aviation industry also presented me with opportunities to work successfully with many other industry types.
  • Can consult initially and then also provide the training and development intervention or option.  This way, I am involved in all stages of work with your company to provide a seamless service.

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