Management Skills

The old values of management are becoming less and less relevant in today’s climate. Technological and social changes produce a workforce who prefers to agree rather than obey. This now requires a style of management that is more about helping people to do their jobs better, as well as to development and growth. Managers need to make the work meaningful. People today don’t want the demand and control type of leadership, but rather to be led and inspired.

Management today involves operating in an environment of ever improving communication systems that require faster and more incisive decision making. Team members still expect time for face to face communication, and being well informed about what is happening. Working with these changes means a manager today can be split between exerting ‘strong’ leadership on the one hand, and allowing participative methods on the other.

One thing is for sure; leadership is a complex issue when exercised by the individual. It is a blend of organising and motivating, setting goals and controlling through effective and frequent communication, while giving people confidence in what they are doing. The confidence given by the manager to his team develops through giving value to their jobs, them as an individual, and to them as a team.

In these times of change, managers and leaders have to deal with leadership challenges, employee values, bringing groups together, remaining positive / decisive, crisis management, order to a chaotic environment, working with limited resources.

In our programs we show how to use your existing strengths to improve your leadership / management abilities. We assist you to identify your own weaknesses to minimize the potential negative impact. All to enable you to understand how to utilize existing skills in new and innovative ways and assisting in the development of new skills to be added to your personal toolkit.

Management Skills Courses offered