Module Name: “A Driving Sales Force: A Bestseller”

Duration: 2-4 Days


This module will equip the learner with a range of knowledge and skills that are fundamental to selling the product and services of their company.

Selling is the process of helping someone discover something of value. The ‘salesperson’ of today is required to possess a whole range of skills in order to be effective. More is being asked of less. Good business practice is therefore imperative just to keep up with your competitors. In “A Driving Sales Force: A Bestseller” we examine some ‘basic’ and advanced skills, but as they say common sense is not common practice.

This course is designed with an emphasis on dealing effectively with the customer (client) in order to promote on-going company/customer relationships. It is vitally important that the customer understands that they are important and that we are concerned about doing something to meet their needs and solve their problems. This training program is by design interactive and its content meets the needs of all employees today.

You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others.  That’s the mark of a true professional.”

Target Group

This hands-on, exercise driven program teaches skills that boost sales and profitability to anyone that has influence over the sales function. This program of the sales process, negotiations, communication skills, presentations, building and maintaining long lasting relationships, and professional behavior, are relevant to the working life of a salesperson. All these ingredients will be necessary for a sales team of the future. At the end of this training program the trainee will be able to deal with local and international customers by utilizing effective sales and communication skills.

Through this highly interactive and established course, they will develop a framework and understanding of tools and methods available, that are needed to achieve better sales.

The contents will benefit various members of your staff that need to acquire knowledge in an efficient manner or refresh their existing knowledge, and anyone needing to understand or effectively communicate the rationale for more effective Sales.


This seminar will contain some video and audio interviews, film clip, global company perspectives obtained by Rick, examples, stories and cases. Plus, group discussions, exercises, feedback questions and actual case studies and stories

The goal is to lead the participants towards learning objectives. The program will be delivered in a training atmosphere that encourages two-way communication in a non-threatening, ‘open’ and enjoyable environment.


Course Objectives and Highlights

  • Understand why effective selling involves a range of skills in the “Sales process”
  • Recognize that we must constantly innovate and be creative in today’s’ market place
  • Appreciate that professional skills will gain you the “competitive edge”
  • Gain overall understanding of how product knowledge, presentation skills, and enthusiasm are vital to your selling career
  • Understand the value of building deeper, more long lasting relationships with your customers
  • Understand the “Sales Process”
  • Recognise how customers think and feel and to empathise with them
  • Recognise the need for thorough preparation and planning prior to meetings with customers
  • Understand the correct use of the telephone
  • Use of effective questioning and listening skills
  • Learn how to handle objections to buying
  • Recognise the ingredients that make a successful sales person
  • Recognise the reasons behind buying and selling

Dedicate yourself to building and maintaining high-quality selling relationships with every prospect and customer”


A highly qualified salesman, Rick has made in excess of 10,000 sales calls in his career. He was “Salesperson of the Year” and has a 100% record in meeting revenue budgets set. His practical international (Europe, Australia, Americas, Middle East, Asia) sales experience ensures that all learning content is communicated by using proven methods. The training program will meet the learning needs because of the interaction and group participation that will be required from each participant. We work in a relaxed and non-threatening manner, so each participant can adjust and warm to the learning atmosphere in their own way. We will encourage natural learning methods where their work situations will be brought into the training wherever possible with role-plays, references to their own experiences, and of course their trainers experience.