Presentation Techniques

MODULE NAME:  Effective Presentation Skills


NOMINAL DURATION: (varies according to needs, 2-4 Days)



This module will equip the learner, and enhance established strengths, with a range of knowledge and skills that are fundamental to positively conducting an effective and successful business presentation.



Managers / Leaders / staff of any discipline whose organizational role requires them to present on behalf of the company or business unit, with customers or suppliers. More managers are required to present as part of their daily work both internally and externally. Through this course, you will develop a framework and understanding of the Presentation process and its techniques, and gain the skills needed to achieve an enhanced Presentation resulting in improved Communication with an audience of 4 or 404! An added Benefit is that you can apply these methods to many of your daily communications.  


Presentations, like many skills, seems simple in theory but is, in reality, quite complicated. It can be learned by training, practice, experience, and by studying. Presentation skills are now a vital part of every executive’s role. He / She have to be familiar with the different kinds of presentations, and must be able to recognise presentation scenarios and opportunities.

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”


At the conclusion of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the ingredients of a successful Presentation or speech.
  • Plan and confidently execute a short presentation relevant to your professional needs
  • Use a model designed to influence the structure and delivery of a business presentation
  • Gain a wide understanding of the Presentation process and influencing techniques
  • Apply presentation techniques which help to maintain the interest of an audience and handle questions with confidence
  • Select and use relevant visual material to gain maximum impact and understanding
  • Appreciate the phases of Presentations and the part communication skills plays
  • Gain overall understanding of how Presentation principals can guide your Presentations
  • Understand the value of excellent Presentations which can lead to improved business performance and ultimately more profitable company operations.



Learning Outcomes are achieved through structured learning activities based on:

  • Profile of “an effective presenter”.
  • Overcoming nervousness and reducing stress!
  • Examine the framework to successful presentations and developing content
  • Planning, structure and preparation – organizing for better presentations
  • The language of Presentations
  • Types of presentations
  • Use of the process steps of presentations
  • The beginning process – setting the scene
  • Opening a presentation and setting objectives
  • Discussing the phases of negotiation
  • Discussing the human dimension
  • Presentation tactics
  • Questions and listening to encourage learning
  • Understanding importance of developing a personal presentation plan
  • Examine methods of packaging and ‘selling’ your presentation
  • Strategy
  • Some Presentation principles
  • Setting objectives and goal setting
  • Reaching a positive closing and summary
  • Examine methods of great Presenters
  • Plus additional as appropriate. Discussions/coaching, feedback, questions, and action plan to “APPLY”.

“The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going.”