Retaining Customers

Towards Better Customer Retention 2010 (The Art of Keeping Good Customers)

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”

MODULE NAME: Customer Service & Retention

NOMINAL DURATION: (varies according to needs, but two days recommended)

What makes service truly remarkable? Great service is not an event, it is a process that requires active, willing and competent participation of all employees.

Service must be customer – driven so their satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success. Customers want to do business with people who make them feel good about themselves and their decisions. How we say good bye is as important as how we say hello. The way we help to solve a dilemma is just as important as its outcome because it will determine the outcome.

In this course we will look at who are your most profitable – must keep customers? What is the value of your most profitable customers? How long do customers stay with you? Why do your customers leave? Why do customers stay with you?

Good customer service leads to satisfied customers. Striving to keep customers satisfied is extremely important. Some organizations lose seven out of ten customers when an employee demonstrated lack of concern for the customer’s needs. If customers feel they have not been served well, it takes an average of twelve positive interactions to make up for the one negative interaction they experienced. Most customers will not give you that many additional chances, so you must serve them well the first time.

Module Purpose:

This module will equip the learner, and also enhance established strengths, with a range of knowledge and skills that are fundamental to positively contributing to improving their customer service, understanding retention strategy, and thereby their service to each and every customer. The action steps I have in this course are simple and practical – yet the cumulative effect can be radical. Retaining Customers!

Who Should Attend:

Any employee serving either internal or external customers. Through this highly interactive course, they will develop a framework and understanding of tools and methods available, that are needed to achieve better customer care. You can apply these methods to your daily routines.

General Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Discuss and study the techniques of retaining a customer
  • Appreciate the 8 C’s of Customer Retention
  • Understand the process of Obtaining Customers through the 8 P’s model
  • Discuss and case study the dimensions of service quality and customer equity
  • Analyze your current methods of dealing with the customer and identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the relationship between total satisfaction and customer retention
  • Demonstrate learning and understanding of current customer care concepts.
  • Understand the value of effective customer care to a company that leads to increased production, less stress, reduced costs and ultimately more profitable company operations
  • Discover why customer service is important
  • Reduce attrition to increase profits
  • Analyze the 4 R’s of Customer Service
  • Discuss how can good customer service be a standard and not an exception
  • Analyze the benefits of internal customer service


Note: can contain all or part of the following list – content is prepared for many type of needs and audiences.

Learning Outcomes are achieved through structured learning activities based on:

  • What is a customer
  • What is customer care
  • Changes to customers
  • Changes in the business environment
  • The value of long term customer relationships – Retention! Retention!
  • Your product knowledge can be a differentiator
  • How do customers evaluate service
  • Retention vs. Acquisition
  • Customer Lifetime value
  • The three pillars of customer satisfaction
  • What is the difference between perception and reality?
  • Customer Loyalty is a behaviour.
  • Customer equity defined
  • Current approaches to customer retention
  • Key service criteria today
  • The customer service process
  • Growing customers
  • Communication Skills
  • Behaviors
  • Identifying your customer care problems
  • A Cascade of Quality
  • Motivation and mobilizing the work teams skills and knowledge
  • Discussions/coaching, feedback, questions, and action plan to “APPLY” for 2010

“The great businesses of tomorrow will grow exactly the way great businesses have always been built: by doing marvelous things that meet the needs, wants, and desires of customers”