Some examples of our happy customers who we are delighted to have worked with:

We are extremely happy & satisfied with the way you conducted the leadership workshop. The leadership attributes explained using Shackleton model was quite effective. The real time experience was something new to many staff. The snow experience in desert was an interesting concept to participants.

The use of multimedia was extremely good & the participants were able to relate well to the topic.

We congratulate you for the effort & wish you all the best.

We look forward for similar interaction.

Thanks & Regards,

Manager (Training & Administration)

United Finance Company

Good Morning

Hoping that we would be privilege enough to attend more training courses with you. I enjoyed the last one.

Thank you for the information and will most certainly pass it on to all that attended.

Have a Fantastic day!!!

Oman Marketing And Services Co.

Dear Richard,

I share the same comments mentioned by my colleague Bader.  We had good course & simulation program, Especially “our team”, when we remember how we managed to have best score in the class it gives us indication that time management is important tool & can solve many related work problems.



Dear Rick

The feedback I have solicited and received is very positive and your
session has certainly sparked interest in Shackleton and his mission. The
session generated quite a bit of discussion regarding leadership amongst
those who attended.

Thank you for spending the time with us last Tuesday and making a positive
contribution to our learning programme and continuous improvement

I trust the rest of the holiday and “Shackleton Tour” goes well and people
take as much away with them for either further thought or implementation as
those who attended the session here at Hyatt Hotel Canberra.

Thank you and safe travels with Shackleton.

Peter Wade
Director of Human Resources
Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Hello Rick
Thanks for the update. In the meantime I thought you might like the feedback that
allow me to say the students had valued your session.
The attached file – ShackletonReview.doc is a summation of
all the feedback.
Let me know if I can do anything else
Many many thanks

Robert McClements
Business Development Director
School of Management
University of Bradford

Hi, Rick
I am Xue Guo, the Chinese MBA student from Air China. It is such a pleasure to
meet you in Bradford, and have the chance to take your interesting lecture
on Leadership. The interactive group discussion, the video and reference
resources made the lecture quite vivid; personally, I also prefer some
successful cases from business background and also interested in the
communication skills of the leaders as most of us agree that communication
skills is quite important for a successful career.

Dear Mr. Coles:

Many thanks for your e-mail.

The presentation was indeed very helpful and shed light on some very simple yet not so obvious qualities of leadership. On a personal note, there is not much I can add or comment on to improve your work. I think the technical quality of the presentation was top notch. I can only encourage you to convince the folks at BRADFORD UNIV to use your work and make it a must-take seminar in the MBA.

Kind regards:

F. HUSSAIN – MBA Student

Dear Mr. Rick,

Thanks for your favorable e-mail, it was very nice chance to work with someone professional like you, hope will meet you in the future,

Best regards.

Hussam Al Beirkdar

Damascus, Syria

Dear Rick,

It was definitely an interesting topic , and in today’s environment Leadership is what is missing & this is what make all this difference between success & failure …One of the lines that you mentioned yesterday …is still on my mind   ” …it is not the position that makes a leader but the leader that makes the position …” I hope I have it right .


SAJID – MBA Student Bradford University

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