Coles International Training and Corporate Consulting

With 35 years of international experience working with leading companies in over 50 countries Rick Coles has a practical understanding of the key winning characteristics of effective leaders and their teams. Our training will help you achieve business success in areas of outstanding customer service, effective management and inspiring leadership.

Our customer service, management and leadership training courses utilize business best practice in creative and innovative ways to strengthen areas of your business. Themed training courses and seminars, such as the acclaimed ‘Shackleton’s Way’ leadership seminar and the 'Moments of Truth' customer service seminar, are available to provide a memorable and rewarding learning experience.

Our full range of training, consulting, facilitating and coaching is adapted for your own unique business needs. Read more about us and explore the site to see how we can help you overcome your business challenges. If you have any questions please contact us.

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In the Media

Latest TV and radio interviews are in now up. See Ricks interview with Singapore’s Channel News Asia AM LIVE program on leadership featuring his world acclaimed Shackleton's Way seminar.

As well, hear Richards latest radio interview on 938 LIVE Singapore – he joins Bharati Jagdish as they take small talk to a new level on "Small Talk, Big Returns".

"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

March, 2012 I took part in this 2 part interview on networking and relationship building. Whether you are seeking a new job, looking to create job security, or interested in building new client relationships for your business, networking is now more important than ever.

In today's tough world, it's no longer enough to be a genius with great ideas. To get ahead, you have to be able to communicate them effectively and use them to influence others. You have to be able to connect!

Corporate Consulting

We are now offering a new arm of our business called Corporate Consulting. This can involve introducing new customer service initiatives in your business, projects in strategy, helping with any team issues, communication gaps, and sales needs. Typically this consulting intervention involves a week or more to reach your goals. Shorter, sharp initiatives are also possible depending on your aims and goals.

WORLDWIDE Training, consulting have always been part of Coles Training but now we are truly global with a presence in Brisbane and Singapore and maintain closeness to the Middle East region. We can cover any global request easily and quickly at some very creative pricing. Give us a call wherever you are. Rick has trained in over 50 countries and lived in 8!

Consulting News

Please see a new and valuable testimonial from a recent training and consulting initiative in Kuala Lumpur. I took part in an initiative for a restaurant company to assess and then improve their customer service. Already recognized as a customer service minded restaurant group, with a variety of rewards, we wanted to take the service to the next level.

I was assigned the task of visiting the four restaurants, as a “mystery diner” and then write observations of each. A second visit took place and this time gave written recommendations for areas to improve or strengthen their customer service.

Following this stage I visited each restaurant a third time and delivered a two hour interactive seminar at each that involved discussing various customer service initiatives, based on findings, that the staff can implement and suggesting how they can move forward. The last stage was to discuss with management a plan to sustain the learning and suggest an action plan going forward.

Flexible to your needs Course Offerings

Coles International Training and Corporate Consulting are now offering new and additional formats of training. In addition to our Full day or two day training, we now offer half day training courses, for groups of 6-12 participants or to your needs. These can be refreshers and enlighteners.

As well, we now offer evening and Breakfast seminars that are designed to give you quick focused input with key tips, tools and strategies for you to implement immediately. Evening and breakfast seminars enable you to combine your valuable networking time with learning.

Further, themed networking events that are inspiring and motivational can be arranged. Rick will give a short keynote followed by networking time.

Lastly, week-ends, evening training, week-end retreats and off shore workshops are all possible as required. We can also arrange so training is delivered over a period of time rather than all at once, therefore lessening time demands on your workforce.

Call Rick on (Australia) +61 (0) 4341 52545 or, +61 7 317 25865 or email, to discuss your needs.